Cosabella's Talco G-String 3-Pack is designed in Cosabella's classic rich viscose jersey with soft elastic on the waist and string back. Durable and extremely comfortable, this style has been used by many runway designers and photo shoot stylists. It is ideal for all of your leggings, low cut pants and jeans.

Price: $19.75
    • Sand
    • Black
    • White
    • Nude


    • Soft elastic low-rise g-string.
    • Made from Cosabella's signature Talco fabric.
    • Durable and extremely comfortable.
    • Non-transparent.
    • One size from petite to large.
    • Minimal rear coverage.
    • Made in Italy.

    Fabric - 90% Viscose, 10% Elastane


    • Hand wash your bra in a delicate detergent. Harsh detergents and bleaches can destroy elastic and lace.
    • Rinse garment in cold water to restore the bra's shape and elasticity.
    • Air dry your bra. Heat can destroy both fibers and elastic.
    • Do not twist the bra to remove excess water.
    • Carefully fold your bra to prevent snagging or crushing.
    • Use a lingerie travel bag to keep your bras together. Don't forget to fasten the hooks to prevent snagging.
    • Place socks or hosiery in the cups of padded bras to prevent cup crushing.
    • A separate lingerie travel bag is also recommended for panties.