Vanity Sizing In Lingerie

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What is Vanity Sizing?

Vanity sizing basically is how the fashion industry made changes to size tags in order to flatter customers’ egos. For example, what was a size 6 forty years ago might now be a size 4.

People have become bigger over the years, yet the lingerie industry still pressures women to fit into the same numbers, which has led to other issues. Today a woman can’t always be sure of what size to buy depending on the store they buy from. Now you have to actually look at the size chart when buying from a new place.

How Does it Affect the Lingerie Industry?

In lingerie, vanity sizing looks a bit different. Many of us grew up hearing that anything bigger than a D cup was huge and unsightly. Nobody wanted to be more than a D cup. A C cup seemed to be the perfect size. Anybody who thought like that didn’t know how bra sizing actually. The result of these commonly accepted opinions about bras, has affected a lot of full busted women.

Meaning, people would rather wear a band size way too big than increasing their cup size. This is profitable for unscrupulous bra fitters who would sell their products to people who actually are nowhere near the store size range. However, it also means that a lot of women don’t know how it feels to wear their actual size.

Owning your size is actually a step further toward self-acceptance and finding lingerie that will make you feel great. Wanting to wear a size that won’t fit you is likely to prevent you from finding the amazing things that actually come into your size. It also helps the industry create more things that will fit your needs.

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